for 6-8 people
For the yellow split pea:
500 g. fava yellow split peas:
2 onions
5-6 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
For the octopus:
1 octopus (approximately 2-2½ kg)
1 glass of vinegar
1 glass of red dry wine
125 ml olive oil
150 g. (samphire), finely chopped
4 tbsp capers, chopped or not
2 green onions, finely chopped
1 lemon juice and lemon zest
salt and pepper
Clean and wash the yellow split peas. Put them in a pot
to boil along with 7 glasses of water and the onions for about 1½ hour. Then, mash
them with the electric pestle and throw it back in the pot. Add the salt, the pepper and
the olive oil and bring it to a boil.
Clean the octopus, remove the tooth and eyes, wash it well and put it in a pot without
water. Once it starts to drain, add the vinegar and the wine and let it boil at a moderate
temperature, until it softens (about an hour and a half), often checking if it sticks to the

pot. Take it of the spot, leave it to cool a bit, cut it into large pieces and pour the
olive oil over it. Serve the Yellow split pea puree on a plate and spread the
octopus pieces, the samphire, the capers, the lemon juice and zest and the
onions on top. Serve with grilled Arabic pita bread.Enjoy your meal!