There is little to say about the Myrovolos Chios! In the multifaceted and smiling numerous islands of the Aegean, Chios stands out with its style and legend.

Chios stands a little aside, lonely, idiosyncratic, considering its lost greatness, her disasters, but always on alert and ready to be reborn from its ashes.

Anavatos (Mystras of the Aegean)



Τhere are so many remarkable facts about the history and the culture of the island of Omiros (Homer), whose origin has been asserted by many cities since ancient times.Chios considers Homer its child, based on literary and archaeological evidences,legends and traditions of the island, which consent that the “divene minstrel” lived and created in this land.

The town of Chios, the Venice of the East -until the destruction of 1822 – the unique housing estate in Mastichochoria, Voreiochora and Kampos hide unique beauties. On no other Aegean island, architecture could find such a shocking representation: The Middle Ages, Byzantium, Genoa, Venice, Turkey, Franks. Chios has humble folk architecture, villages in castles, mahalas, gorgeous villas-mansions and the most attractive attractions of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.Chios is an “alive” museum of architecture and life at the same time.


Canyon of Kampia

It is worth wandering from village to village and discover hidden treasures, the few but always great people, the soul of this place, the island of poverty and wealth, the land and the seas, the mastic, the crops and seamanship.

When the lemon trees and mandarin trees bloom, whole Chios smells awesome.

Garden in Kampos

Lalades (Wild tulips of Chios)

And when the spring rains do us the favor to show up, the aromas of lush vegetation “intoxicate” you.

The aromas and the colors of the spring nature are due to the thousands of wildflowers,its aromatic plants, the Chios’s jasmine and the four varieties of the lalada (tulip), which are endemic species to the Chios land.

Organic Sage from our estates

The tear of Mastiha

Chios has the global privilege of producing mastic, which is a product of the mastic tree.