Who we are

Koutsouradi Argyro

I was born in Chios on February 6, 1992.
Studies : In 2010 I entered Democritus University of Thrace at the school of Agriculture, more specifically in the department of Agricultural Development through which I was inspired to follow my career.

At the beginning of 2015 through Erasmus European programme in Lille France the so called Universite de Lillell I made a research on whether the extract of spearmint can reduce levels of juvenile onset diabetes. It took place at Albert Calmette Hospital in the virology laboratory.

In 2015 I did my master’s degree at the Agriculture University of Athens in the faculty of plant science at the Department of plant production in the field of agriculture –plant improvement and agricultural experimentation


We combine tradition with modern technology to make unique products of superior quality . The unique climate, the soil, the clean environment that characterize our island, in combination with our certified organic practices guarantee high quality herbs with abundant taste and essential oil .The fact that we have a complete vertically integrated process of production allows us to have the absolute control and responsibility for the quality of our products from the initial stage of planting the herbs in the fields up to the final packaging form which the consumers receive.

October 2015

Our love for Chios island , our desire to protect nature and plants and the need to create employment opportunities drove us to establish “Myrovolos Organics”.

A “Name” which has been inspired by the abundant and fascinating smell that the Chios nature gives off…

Our company Myrovolos Organics was established in October 2015, it operates as a family business and it is active in the field of aromatic plants and herbs . It took us 3 years to be in the market place since we had to be certified first.

The headquarters of our familly business is in Chalkeios a village which is 7km away from the center of Chios in a district called Kampohora

June 2016

Our activities involve the whole process sowing to cultivation and after to harvest every single leaf. After the harvest follows the drying, a process, which helps all the active substance of the plant to be maintained.Packaging is the next step of the process.

Every single organic aromatic plant and herb of “Myrovolos Organics” gives off the special scents of Chio’s nature.

Initially, we started with 10 acres in our possession, which were, shortly,extended to 24 acres, having recently reached 30 acres. Our target is to be expanded,depending on the needs of our consumers.

All our plants originate from seedbed with organic certification and our company incorporates the criteria of organic farming in every production process.

April 2018

MyrovolosOrganics acquired its workshop, in a space that meets HACCP standards. After harvesting our products, we transfer them to our workshop, where they are dried in a traditional and natural way,they are sifted and standardized.

August 2018

Myrovolos Organics now registered in KΗMO.

It acquires its home-technical form.


We are not limited here…

Today we have reached 40 acres, with the ultimate target of expanding them according to the needs of our consumers.
Our main target is the creation of high quality organic certified and innovated products which will satisfy the need of the most demanding consumers not only in Greece but also abroad.