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Hirtum Origanum  Onites L.
Origanum vulgare ssp.

Ingredients: Dried leaves & flowers of organic oregano.

Net Weight: 25g and 0.88oz

It is used as a seasoning in salads, meats and sauces but also as a decoction.

It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal activities. It is used in the form of herbal remedies for intestinal atony and as cough expectorant. Also, it has significant impact in hypertension and atherosclerosis. Another major use is that it acts against chronic rheumatism.

The ancient Greeks knew its therapeutic value and they used it for external swelling or they drank oregano tea for the colic.

Oregano has 12 times more antioxidant activity than an orange, 30 times more than a potato and 42 times more than an apple.

Store away from the sun and moisture.

* Definitely herbs and herbs cannot replace medical treatment, but it can be
supportive. It is useful for the patient to consult his doctor.