3 large boiled potatoes (approximately 600gr.)
2 chopped green onions
100gr. Kefalotyri cheese
20gr. flour or breadcrumbs
1 tbsp pennyroyal rubbed by hand
2 eggs
½ bunch of coarsely chopped parsley
Flour for frying
Olive oil for frying
Salt, freshly ground pepper
Put the hot potatoes in a bowl and melt them with a fork, leaving small pieces
visible. Add the onion, the cheese, the flour, the pennyroyal, the eggs, the
parsley, the salt and the pepper. Mix them well and create with the mixture small balls.
Bread them with a little flour and press them lightly with your hands to make them flat.
Heat the olive oil and fry the potato balls few at a time for 1-
2 minutes on each side, until they turn brown.
Remove the potato balls from the pan and leave them on kitchen paper to
drain.Enjoy your meal!